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Simple hack for transferring baby: “Why not give it a try?”

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During those early newborn days, and many days after, it may feel like you’re constantly finding ways to settle your little one and get them off to sleep. Recently a UK baby sleep expert uploaded a TikTok video, offering a sleep hack to help transfer your baby into the cot – and the idea is so simple, it might just work.

Avoid head and shoulders

Lynda Harding, mother of six and founder of Sweet Dreamers, starts the video by asking the question, “Does your baby wake up every time you put them down to sleep?”

She then explains that the reason for this could be the way the baby is being placed into the cot. “Putting your baby down so that their head and shoulders touch the mattress first can give them the sensation of falling and trigger the startle reflex (Moro), even when they’re asleep,” she says.

Lynda demonstrates the “wrong” way to transfer your little one to the cot, using a baby-like doll.

Lynda then goes on to demonstrate a possible solution. “To remedy this, try putting them down so that their bum, back and then their head touches the mattress.” The caption also says to try and keep baby close to you for as long as possible.

 “Why not give it a try?” Lynda says. “This small change can make a big difference.”

@ewanandfriends Does your newborn baby wake up every time you put them down to sleep? This could be why… #babysleeptips #babysleephack #newbornsleeptips #mumsoftiktok ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

But does this work?

The post has proved extremely popular, with over 775, 000 views and more than 33,000 likes. However Lynda’s technique is not for everyone and has received mixed responses.

Many were extremely positive and keen to try out the technique. Others had tried it and found it did make a difference, posting comments such as, “I did this and it worked”, “It worked for my 6 month old” and “Always done this and it works for us.”

However many parents dismissed the idea immediately, saying it doesn’t work with comments such as “I do this all the time and my baby still wakes up,” “Nope doesn’t work” and “That doesn’t work for us.”

One parent wrote, “As soon as the head touch the bed, he woke up” while another said, “I do that put their heads down at the end but still wakes up.”

Others made light of the fact that the demonstration was carried out using a doll, not a real baby, with comments such as “A DoLL won’t wake up” and “easy to keep a doll sleeping.”

Still, babies are all so different, especially when it comes to sleep. What works for one, doesn’t always work for another. My first baby woke every time I put her down, no matter what I tried. My second baby loved going to sleep so I’d put her down awake and off she went.

However, when you do have an unsettled baby, anything is worth trying. And while this sleep hack clearly doesn’t suit every baby, it did help a handful of sleep-deprived parents, which can only be a good thing. Better than good. Amazing.

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