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Images show why you should never ‘drop in’ on a new mum

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A mum’s illustrations have struck a chord with parents everywhere. 

Sharing a series of images on Instagram, Aryn Lindsey sums up perfectly why it’s never okay to ‘drop in’ on a mum with a new baby without texting first.

The first three months after giving birth, now known as the fourth trimester, is a huge adjustment for both mum and baby, and the last thing some women want is the added stress of someone ‘popping in’.

“Please text before stopping by”

One of our favourite images shows a mum wearing only her undies and a baby carrier, while carrying a coffee. Her breasts are out and we’re pretty sure she’s not expecting any visitors.

Another one shows the mum lying down with her baby breastfeeding. 

All of the images have the same text: “Please text before stopping by.” 

“I felt this in my soul!”

The response to these images has been overwhelmingly positive.  

“You are amazing!!!!! I swear every time you post a new one, it’s like looking at my reflection,” said one mum. 

Another said: “This is fantastic and so authentic. I love it!”

One commenter who knows the feeling of a ‘quick pop in’ all too well wrote, “How can this automatically be printed and mailed to all extended family of a new mom and baby? 🤣 felt this in my soul!”

“Beautiful. Thanks for your honesty and this wonderful image. People need both support and space for this, whatever way their experience goes 💗,” said another. 

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