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Mum’s ‘lasagna’ bed-making hack: “This tip has saved me so much time!”

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Accidents happen. Particularly when you have a baby. And it usually involves drenched cot sheets, soaking mattresses and wet pyjamas – usually in the middle of the night (which is the last thing you want to deal with!).

One TikTok mum has offered a solution for such situations with her simple yet practical ‘lasagna’ style bed-making hack – and the video went absolutely viral.

Layering like a lasagne

Shelby is a TikToking mum who offers handy tips for parents, and this idea is certainly one to consider – especially for those new to the parenting game. “Mamas, I don’t care how old your kids are, this tip has saved me SO much time,” she says on the video.

Shelby then demonstrated how she makes the bed, layering it alternatively with waterproof and regular sheets. “When you’re making your baby’s bed, layer the waterproof pad and sheets like lasagna,” she continues. “That way, if there is an accident you have an extra set on the bed ready to go.”

@sparklegigglesmile If you aren’t making your kids beds this way- you neeeeed to #momhack #firsttimeparents #registrymusthaves ♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

“That’s brilliant!”

The post struck a chord with many parents, attracting enormous attention with over 26,500 likes and nearly 2000 shares.

Many parents already followed a similar technique, posting comments like “Yep! I do it with all of my kids. Just in case they get sick or accidents.” Another said, “I thought everyone did this naturally,” while another said, “I’ve known this for years.”

However for many, it was a new concept and sounded like a great idea, with excited comments such as, “THIS IS BRILLIANT”, “Genius” and “Love this”.

Some were even thrilled with the technique despite no longer needing to worry about it. “I shoulda known that 5 babies ago…” wrote a parent. “This makes me wanna have another baby JUST so I can make that sheet lasagna,” posted another. “Seriously brilliant,” said yet another. “Wish I had thought of this 24 years ago.”

One for any age

As Shelby says, it doesn’t matter how old your child is. This super handy tip is suitable for any age – because let’s face it, bedwetting accidents can happen for many years to come. And not just bedwetting. “My 2nd child was a drooler,” posted one parent. “I used this layering technique. It saved the aggravation of constantly changing sheets.”

Another said, “Still doing it with my kids. Its been a lifesaver for those accidental spills and stomach flu.”

For whatever reason, this bed-making hack might prove useful. Okay, so followers with older kids in their 20s had a giggle about the “I don’t care how old your kids are” comment, but still, you never know what’s around the corner, especially in the middle of the night and it’s best to be prepared.

As Shelby wrote on the post, “If you aren’t making your kids beds this way: you neeeeed to.”

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