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“I can shoot milk out of my armpit”: mum’s awesome superpower

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A US mum has revealed a very impressive “superpower” that many people didn’t know was possible: she can shoot breast milk out of her armpit. 

TikTok user @ollieoooop, a mother-of-three, shared her talent in response to a viral video asking people to share the “really weird things” their bodies do. 

“I’ve seen this video a million times and I don’t know why it has just occurred to me that I have a reason to interact with it,’ she says. ‘I’m about to expose myself. Please be nice to me.”


The mum goes on to explain something that’s been dubbed online as “pitties” that can occur while breastfeeding. 

“Basically, you have breast tissue in your armpits and when you get engorged, sometimes that tissue swells,” she says. “However, I am the only instance that I know of or that I can find of this specific thing that happens to my body. 

“I can shoot milk out of my armpit,” she reveals. “And if it wasn’t disgusting enough just to hear it, I’m going to prove it.”

The footage then shows the mum sitting down to give a demonstration. In both real time and slow motion, the video shows milk squirting out of her armpits.


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“If you or someone you know can do this, please duet this because I can’t be the only one,” she says. “Please tell me I’m not the only one who could do this.”

“You’re not the only one!”

Since posting, the video has been viewed thousands of times and according to the comments, she’s not alone!

“You’re not the only one! My friend frantically called the hospital after her son was born,” says one commenter.

“My mum said she saw 6 doctors for it in 94 (when I was born) and she told me multiple times ‘to prepare me,’” another adds. 

“Liquid gold”

Another suggested jokingly to “toss a freaking Haakaa on that thing and save that liquid gold.”

To which the mum replied, “I can’t feed this to my baby in good conscious.”

Another fan wanted to know if it leaks during letdown?

“If it’s been awhile since he’s eaten, yes and it drips all the way down my arm,” replied @ollieoooop

“Superpowers pew pew pew,” adds another. And we couldn’t agree more.

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