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6 must-have car seat accessories for new parents

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By Mim Jenkinson

Finding the perfect car seat for your baby can make being out and about so much easier. Did you know that there are many car seat accessories that can make your journeys more entertaining and stress-free too?

Here are six car seat accessories and additions that can make the journey much more fun for your baby and even more relaxing for you!

So, whether it’s a quick errand or a longer road trip, check out these car seat accessory options:

6 accessories for car seats

1. Car toys

There are so many toys now available that can be attached to your baby’s car seat, or within easy reach.

Whether it’s cuddly toys that soothe and relax them or bright and musical toys to entertain and have them gurgling with delight!

2. Back seat organisers

If you’re bringing toys and other baby equipment into the car, it’s essential that they are stored neatly and safely and not loose.

Loose toys are potentially hazardous and in the event of an accident, could hit the driver or disrupt the journey.

Car organisers can be a great way to neatly store everything but still keep them within yours, or your toddlers, reach. They also help to keep your car clutter free and make cleaning it easier too. Make Marie Kondo proud and invest in a back seat organiser for your car!

3. Baby mirrors

Being able to see baby as we travel can give parents so much more peace of mind. At the same time, babies can feel happier and comforted when they can see you too!

Many baby mirrors are available that attach to your car and allow you to keep an eye on your baby. Some even have the addition of lights and sounds to entertain your baby throughout the journey too!

4. Window shades

On hot and sunny days, window shades are a must to protect your baby from the sun’s rays. In fact, window shades can even be a permanent fixture that help to keep the whole family cool on bright days.

Many window shades are now available that suction or clip on and off your car’s windows.

They can help to block the sun’s glare but still allow the driver to easily see through them when driving.

5. Seat belt covers

To keep your little one even more comfortable and cosy in their car seat, seat belt covers are a great choice!

They help to prevent chafing from seat belts and are often removeable and easy to wash in the washing machine.

Many also come in bright colours and designs that will delight your child too!

6. Baby on Board sign

What better way to signal to other drivers that you have precious cargo on board than adding a Baby on Board sign to your rear window?

This sign helps alert other drivers to pay attention to road safety, and to help protect your family from accidents when you’re traveling.

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