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Should I invest in a baby capsule?

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By Mim Jenkinson

Many parents take a little time to consider whether to invest in a baby capsule or a car seat, and there are pros and cons for both options.

Baby capsules are used from day one until a baby is approximately six months old. They are always used when rear-facing your baby.

When it comes to buying a baby capsule, you might be asking yourself if it’s worth the extra cost, given that your baby will only use it for a relatively small amount of time.

But there’s a reason why so many parents rave about how a baby capsule changed their life!

Here are some of the key benefits of investing in a capsule that might help you.

How a baby capsule makes life easier

1. Allow us to introduce the travel system!

What is a travel system? It’s a baby capsule that connects not only to your car but also to your pram or stroller. This makes transferring your baby from the house to the car to the pram and back again smooth and easy.

In fact, if your baby falls asleep in a capsule, as they often do, you can potentially move them wherever you need without waking them.  However, it’s not recommended for babies to sleep in a car seat or capsule unattended or for long periods of time. 

If your family owns more than one car, you could buy two separate capsule bases and switch the capsule between cars, depending on which car you’re using that day. This can be very cost-effective for families who do not want to purchase multiple car seats.

If you’re looking to use a baby capsule in a travel system, check the capsule and pram you’re interested in have the relevant adapters and can be used together.

2. Familiar surroundings – for your baby

Another benefit of having one capsule that works with your car and pram is that your baby will get used to being snug and cosy in one place.

Capsules are a safe and comfortable place for your baby to rest and travel in. As well as making your life easier, the capsule will make your baby feel comfy and relaxed too.

3. Hire instead of buy!

If you’d rather not invest in the full cost of the baby capsule, or you only want to use it for the first few months, why not consider hiring one?

See if there’s a local shop in your area, or one online, where you can hire a capsule to use for the time that suits you.

You’ll make savings but still get all the benefits of a capsule for as long as you need one.

4. They’re compact but with added extras

While many convertible car seats are also available in smaller or narrower sizes, capsules are a very compact alternative that will often take up less space in a car.

Many baby capsules also have little additions to add to the comfort of your baby, such as sun canopies and rain covers to protect them all year round.

When you’re deciding about what capsule or car seat to buy, always consider the size of your vehicle first to ensure it will fit. Think about which seat you will be positioning the car seat in and how you will access it when moving your baby in and out of the car.

A baby capsule might not be an essential baby product for all families, but they’re top of the wish list for many who want to make the first six months a little easier.

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