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Can you spot the child? Scary pool warning for parents

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When it comes to your kids and the water, safety is the most important thing. Children should never be left unattended while playing or swimming in or around water – there’s no exceptions.

But what if you’re watching and they disappear from view?

This was the case for a CPR Kids educator who was at a pool party over the weekend.

“What do you see underneath the water here?”

A terrifying image shared on the CPR Kids Instagram page highlights the importance of dressing your kids in brightly coloured swimwear.

“What do you see underneath the water here?” the post asks. “Take a good look.


“A child?”

“Yes, there is a child there. Swipe right for a photo revealing where.”

“It’s hard to believe, we know!”

After using the pool all day, she noticed the water colour had become cloudy.

“She asked one of the children who was wearing a pale blue swimsuit, to swim to the bottom,” the post explains. “The result shocked her – as it did everyone in the CPR Kids team!”

Image: Instagram/@cprkids

“Oh my gosh this is so scary!”

Many parents thanked CPR Kids for sharing the image, adding they hadn’t thought about this.

“Wow never would have thought of this,” said one commenter.

Another added: “Oh my gosh this is so scary!”

“This is eye opening! I’d be keen to see the difference with the same photo with a child in Fluoro colours as a real life comparison,” shared another parent.

The post comes days after CPR Kids shared a tip for parents about their kids wearing colourful swimmers.

“Going for a swim this weekend?” they asked. “Make sure you dress the kids in bright and colourful swimwear so that they are easier to see at all times. Remember; drowning is silent, and every second counts.”

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