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92-year-old baker goes viral with her three-ingredient scone recipe

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A 92-year-old baker has gone viral thanks to her three-ingredient scone recipe.

Muriel Halsted, mum to seven children, filmed an ABC baking video, teaching people how to make scones. Since sharing, the video has been viewed more than 5.6 million times.

Speaking to the ABC, Muriel says: “I hadn’t really [realised the video had so many views], but I have been told because I’ve had phone calls from people I hadn’t heard of, I think they thought I was dead.”

She adds, “One of my daughters did tell me that somebody wondered if I’d adopt them!”

Watch the video for Muriel’s scone recipe

A member of the Country Women’s Association for more than seven decades, Murial says this recipe “is much more modern than the CWA recipe.” 

“The CWA one you had to rub butter in with your fingertips, you had to use plain flour with baking powder, and it took you much longer.

“This one’s the quickest and the easiest.”

“I was so inspired by this video”

The reaction on Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive, with many people confirming that Muriel’s scones are very delicious. 

“I was so inspired by this video that I made them yesterday. They turned out beautifully. And just cutting them with a knife is SO much easier than using a round cutter!” one commenter wrote.

Another adds: “I love this recipe, use it all the time with Gluten Free Flour and coconut cream instead of milk. Best scones ever says Ernie (Husband), and they freeze beautifully.

“Just microwave for 25 to 30 secs and they’re as good as fresh baked.”

Watch the video above and test out this recipe for yourself – but Muriel says, don’t even think about stirring them with a spoon. 

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