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Tips for a family snow trip with a baby or toddler

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By Sara Keli

So you are planning on taking your little one on their first trip to the snow. You’ll have them skiing the slopes with you in no time! But while they are still little, there are a few things you need to do to prepare for a successful family snow trip.

Plan your childcare

Depending on the age of your little one, they may or may not be able to go to kids’ ski school. If they are too young and you plan on getting in some skiing yourself, you will need to plan your childcare in advance. Check for kids’ clubs at the destination you are heading to, and book them in before you go to avoid disappointment.

If there is no kids club available, you might need to take it in turns to go skiing or enquire at your accommodation about the options available. 

Bring extra clothes (and then some!)

Whenever you travel with kids it’s a good idea to pack spare clothes, and this is certainly the case at the snow! It’s not only about layering and having enough clothes to keep them warm, but also because they’re likely to get their clothes wet and need multiple changes. 

Another tip: kids grow out of things so quickly, so if you have the option you might like to hire or buy their snow gear. Also don’t forget to not just pack clothes but also accessories such as gloves and a beanie to keep them warm. 

Don’t forget the baby cold medicine

It will be just your luck that when you get to the snow, your baby will get a cold! With all of the extra people huddling around warm fireplaces, there is a chance your baby could pick something up. Pack your baby cold medicine with you so you don’t get stuck without it while you are away. You might also want to pack a thermometer, just in case. It’s something extra to carry and hopefully you don’t need it, but if you do you can thank us later!

Take baby’s layers off in the car seat

As cute as your baby looks with all of their layers and big jackets on, you do need to remove those larger jackets when you put them in their car seat. Thick and bulky jackets prevent you from being able to tighten the car seat straps adequately around your baby and can mean that they are not secured properly in the case of an accident. Take those extra layers off so the straps sit firmly against their body.

If you are worried about keeping your baby warm while travelling, keep a blanket in the car you can wrap around them while you put them in the car, then remove before you buckle them in to their seat. 

Be careful around heaters

At the snow, you are going to be surrounded by heaters and fireplaces inside. If your baby is crawling or walking you’ll need to keep an eye on them to prevent burns or other injuries. 

You should also be careful to avoid overheating by removing layers when you go into a room with heaters turned on. Young babies can overheat very quickly so don’t turn the thermostat up too high.

Pack the stroller

It might be common sense, but the ground at the snow can be quite slippery where there’s ice or water. If you fall it can leave you with a bruise or two (not to mention the bruised ego!), but you don’t want to be carrying your baby when you fall. If you pack the stroller, you can push them around and not having to worry about dropping them if you fall.

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