Mum’s top tip for eliminating nappy rash

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A famous mum has popped up on Instagram to share her tip for eliminating nappy rash. 

Jesinta Franklin, who welcomed baby Tullulah with AFL-player husband Buddy Franklin in February, is raving about the benefits of using cloth nappies.

“Zero nappy rash (in my personal experience), better for the environment and these will last her until she’s 2.5 years old! How’s that for economical!” she shared in an Instagram story. 

While she’s a total convert to cloth nappies, Jesinta said there are times when she’ll still need to use disposable ones. 

“Of course there are times when I have and I will use disposable nappies, but if I can reduce the 1.7 tonne of waste one child usually creates by wearing disposables all the time, then I feel like I’m doing better by mother earth,” she said.  

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Motherhood. The most beautiful gift and my greatest blessing in life. Tullulah has made me feel a love so profound I can’t even find the words to describe 🤍 My life will never be the same and I have even more respect and immense appreciation for my own amazing mum and grandmothers & mother in law as well as all the beautiful mumma’s I am surrounded by. Today I am also holding space for those whose mums have passed, mums who have lost a child and the women who are wanting, willing, dreaming and wishing to become a mother 🤍 sending love to everyone! These are some of my favourite images, taken just before Tullulah arrived earthside. I’ll treasure these forever @lauragoodall 💫

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6,000 nappy changes

The reusable nappies she’s using is made by Be Bliss Baby, and they even have Tullulah’s name on them. 

According to the company’s website, “The average baby from birth to toddler, will require 6,000 nappy changes. This equates to costs averaging $3500 to $5000 per child, for disposable nappies alone. 

“A full collection of 30 cloth nappies will save you between $3000 and $5000. Think of all the other things you could spend that money on.”

That’s a huge saving.

Making the switch

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to reusable nappies, you aren’t alone.

As coronavirus-related shortages lead to empty shelves, parents looked for alternatives.

Speaking to Today, Liz Turrigiano, co-founder of companies Diaperkind and Esembly, said that the coronavirus pandemic has seen the industry grow.

“It’s just been like, ‘Holy heck, what is happening?'” said Liz. “In the past week everything’s been turned on its head… Our revenue has grown by 300% in the past five days.”

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