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Woman conceives third baby while already pregnant with twins

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Forget everything you thought you knew about trying to have a baby (okay not everything).

But it turns out that you can get pregnant while you are already pregnant, which is something we weren’t aware of.

A mum in the US is sharing her pregnancy journey on Tik Tok after an ultrasound showed she had conceived a baby … while already pregnant with twins!

Tik Tok user @tamingtriplets shared the moment that she and her partner found out they were having a third baby, who is 10 or 11 days behind her twins.

“Are you serious?”


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“Oh my god!”, the mum-to-be says.

“Are you serious? I’m gonna be massive!”

Her partner can be heard saying, “This is an April Fool’s joke, right? Holy cow!”


So how can you get pregnant when you are already pregnant? It’s called superfetation.

As Healthline explains: “Superfetation is when a second, new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy. Another ovum (egg) is fertilized by sperm and implanted in the womb days or weeks later than the first one.

“Babies born from superfetation are often considered twins since they may be born during the same birth on the same day.”

10 or 11 days older

Often asked how she conceived another baby while already pregnant, the first-time mum explained in a video that ovulation can last 24 hours, and that sperm can live inside the body for up to 3 – 5 days.

“So our first two babies are 10 or 11 days older than our third baby. So that’s how we knew straight away it was a second pregnancy,” she says.

To confirm it was a superfetation, her doctors performed ultrasounds every two weeks and “sure enough it’s been hitting every single milestone like it’s supposed to, growing at a healthy rate just 10 – 11 days behind the first two babies,” she says.


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♬ original sound – Taming Triplets

The soon-to-be mum of triplets says this happened to them because she ovulated twice.

“My hormones didn’t stop me from ovulating,” she says. “I ovulated another time. We’re lucky enough they are close enough that they will all have the same due date.

“We just need to get the third baby past the 28 week mark, which is really that red zone, and hopefully carry them to 32, maybe even 35 weeks.”

Now around the 22-week mark, we wish this mum all the best with her pregnancy.

You can follow her story on Tik Tok here.

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