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49 gender-neutral baby names

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gender neutral baby names

Waiting until birth to find out the gender of your baby makes for a fantastic surprise – but it also means you have to come up with double the names.

Or does it?

Most parents will make a list of boys’ names and another for girls’ names. But there’s another option: make one list of gender-neutral baby names and pick your favourite.

“Daring and creative”

So what is a gender-neutral name? A gender-neutral or unisex name is one that has been given to babies over the years regardless of their gender. 

Not surprisingly, gender-neutral names typically started as being male or female-specific, but as an article in Bustle says, “Then, as people start to get more daring and creative with how they name their offspring, these monikers begin to drift away from the gender binary, becoming not’ names for boys’ or ‘names for girls,’ but just simply, ‘names.'”

We think this is pretty great. 

So to get your list started, here are some of our favourite gender-neutral baby names.

49 gender-neutral baby names

  1. Alex
  2. Aiden
  3. Andy
  4. Aubrey
  5. Adrian
  6. Bailey
  7. Billie, 
  8. Blaine
  9. Blair
  10. Blake 
  11. Bobby
  12. Brooklyn
  13. Cameron
  14. Casey
  15. Charlie
  16. Drew
  17. Elliot
  18. Emerson
  19. Finley
  20. Frankie
  21. Glenn
  22. Harper
  23. James
  24. Jamie
  25. Jessie
  26. Jules
  27. Kennedy
  28. Lincoln
  29. Lennon
  30. Lou
  31. Max
  32. Morgan
  33. Oakley
  34. Paris, 
  35. Parker
  36. Peyton
  37. Piper
  38. Reese
  39. Remy
  40. Riley
  41. River
  42. Robin
  43. Rudy
  44. Ryan
  45. Sam
  46. Shawn
  47. Sunny
  48. Sutton
  49. Taylor

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