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11 absurd baby names that actually exist

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absurd baby names

“What is the most absurd baby name you have heard?” That’s the question someone recently asked on Reddit – and there were some great answers.

When choosing a name, some parents prefer to choose a baby name that is falling in popularity, while others choose a popular baby name. And then there are the unique baby names listed below. 

Unique baby names from Reddit

1. Chaos

“Used to work in a military postpartum ward. First name Chaos, middle name Danger,” shared one person.

2. Skype

Another said, “At my kid’s elementary school, the teachers would decorate the outside door to their room with their students’ names. One kindergarten teacher had an interesting mix of names one year, most notably: September, Florida, and Skype. SKYPE. someone named their kid Skype.”

3. Thirdy

“Thirdy. At first, I thought it was a foreign name, but nope, they named their baby Thirdy because he was the third child,” a Reddit user wrote.

4. Sanitizer

“Apart from Elon Musk’s kid [with a weird name], a couple in my country named their child Sanitizer,” shared another.

5. Baby

“Had a student (male) named ‘Baby’. I checked with the registrar. His legal name was ‘Baby,'” another commented.

6. Hashtag

Another said: “A woman in Australia named her kid ‘Hashtag.'”

7. Crystal Ball

“As a teacher, I’ve seen a few dicey names,” said another person. “Some deliberate like Crystal Ball, Jack Daniels and Cooper Cooper. Some very unfortunate like Jenna Taylor. All the kids called her “genitalia”. Poor kid.”

8. Wenderella

“Wenderella. I like ‘Wendy’, but I think it just needs a little more, you know, exuberant hand gesture,” said another.

9. Panda

“I know a girl named Bear, a guy named Panda, and another guy named Sunshine. All were classmates from my high school,” another chimed in.

10. Moon Shadow

“At the time he would have been early 30s (this was a few years ago),” explains one commenter. “He was picking something up under his name, I asked what the name was, and he told me, and I said, “SERIOUSLY?” Couldn’t hold it back. He had this defeated look on his face and said, ‘Yeah, seriously.’ Apparently, he went by Moon.”

11. Y’Majesty and Y’Highness

“I knew twins in elementary named Y’Majesty and Y’Highness,” wrote someone else.

“Parents are trying to be original”

Despite the absurdity of some of these names, uncommon names are on the rise. 

Speaking to the New York Post, writer and author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson says, “Parents are trying to be original, almost branding their kids in an era where names are viewed on the same level as Twitter handles or a website URL.”

Some people might think it’s just a name and isn’t hurting anyone, but studies have shown the name you give your child can impact them for the rest of their life.

“Multiple studies from around the world have found links between non-traditional names and employment, social and economic outcomes,” says the article. 

“The first such research was conducted in 1948 when Harvard University looked at the life outcomes of 3,300 recent graduates and found that those with unusual names were more likely to have failed their studies or gone on to have negative psychological experiences.

“Since then, countless studies have delivered similar findings from names impacting the choice of career, school grades, earning potential and other quality of life factors.”

No pressure! 

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