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Incredible photo shows baby born with eyes open

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Image credit: Instagram/@dallasarthurbirthstories

An incredible birth photo has been popping up on Instagram, and we couldn’t scroll past it without sharing.

Florida birth photographer and doula, Dallas Arthur, shared the picture, showing a baby being born with her eyes wide open – and her followers are in awe.

The photo was captioned with a quote from the amazing mum: “I am grateful that I felt called to choose home birth for this birth.

“Having two previous medicated births in a hospital, this was a completely different experience. But my body did it, and I believe there is no greater high.”

The response to the photo has been positive, with many of Dallas’ followers describing the picture as “amazing”.

“Wow, what a picture! Amazing 💗 hey baby! Welcome,” said one commenter.

Another wrote, “OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!!”

“Mind blowing picture 🙏🏽😭 most beautiful moment. ✨🤍,” said another.

Alyssa’s birth story

Sharing her birth story on Dallas’ blog, Alyssa explained that after two medicated hospital births, she decided to have a home birth for her baby girl.

“My guess date was April 3rd and the day had come and gone,” says Alyssa. “This was my third baby and I had wrongfully assumed that she would come early like my second baby did.

“Feeling a little defeated, I went to bed. I woke up, checked my phone and it was midnight, I went to the bathroom then got back into bed.”

“Things got intense quick!”

Once back in bed, the “waves” started coming. After an hour, they were six minutes apart, so Alyssa woke up her husband Charlie.

From there, Charlie said, “Things got intense quick! I just tried to keep her calm during her pressure waves.”

After labouring on the floor in the wardrobe, Alyssa moved to the bed when her midwife arrived, at around 3:30am.

“My body just took over”

“She said that she was going to check to see where we were at. I didn’t hear her say anything and I just assumed that we still had a ways to go,” said Alyssa.

“I had no idea what was happening, this was my first natural birth and all of this was uncharted territory for me. My body just took over and was doing what it was made to do.”

Next, her waters broke, and she felt “pressure and burning and everyone in the room started to get excited.”

Her head was out

Alyssa says she felt like her body knew what to do.

“My body completely took over and pushed on its own. I never felt like I was ‘pushing’, but it happened very fast.

“I realised that her head was out and that I was so close to meeting my baby.”

Alyssa grabbed her baby and pulled her onto her chest, and at 3:50 am, Marigold Rae was born.

Congratulations to this Mumma! And we love that she has some beautiful photos to capture the special moment.

Alyssa’s full birth story and more pictures can be found at Dallas Arthur Photography

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