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Mother-in-law announces woman’s pregnancy on Facebook

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A  mum has taken to Tik Tok to share the story of how her mother-in-law ruined her pregnancy announcement.

Morgan Lee says when she found out she was pregnant, her mother-in-law made sure she was the first one to share the news on social media.

“A week afterwards I found out I was pregnant and I told his mum, I hadn’t told any of my family yet because I was just scared.”


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“She posted my pregnancy tests”

Morgan’s mother-in-law then asked her to send photos of her pregnancy tests, which she thought was strange but sent them anyway. 

“Not even five minutes later I get a ping from Facebook saying I was tagged in a post,” says Morgan. 

“She posted my pregnancy tests and announced to everybody that I was pregnant, online for everyone to see.

“I hadn’t told my family yet, I was p***ed, so mad, I wanted to fight her.”

“That breaks my heart”

The reaction to Morgan’s video is as you would expect.

“No one should announce your events before you,” said one commenter. 

Another said, “oh man that breaks my heart.”

Lots of commenters shared stories of something similar happening to them.

“My MIL did the damn same thing. Hadn’t had the chance to tell my dad yet. I feel for you girl.”

“LOL!! Same thing happened to me. Told her not to post pictures till I did … and yeah.”

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