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5 tips for nesting safely in pregnancy

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So you’ve heard stories about women obsessively cleaning before the arrival of their baby. Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s possible that you too could end up deep cleaning the dishwasher at 3 am? 

Well, it’s possible.

Research tells us that nesting is not a myth. Defined by bursts of energy and a compulsion to organise the house, nesting can start at around five months into your pregnancy and peak in the third trimester. 

Triggers for nesting can include:

  • boredom from waiting for your baby to be born
  • excitement that you’re about to be a parent
  • realising that it’s now or never to clean the linen cupboard.

On the other hand, not everyone will experience the compulsion to get ready for their baby like this – it’s perfectly normal either way!

Tips for nesting safely

1. Wash your baby’s clothes

All of your baby’s cute little clothes need to be washed before they can be worn. Babies have sensitive skin, and washing their clothes can remove anything that might irritate them. Read the label before washing and use a laundry detergent that is safe for the entire family.

2. Use non-toxic cleaning products

Pregnancy Birth & Baby says that most cleaning products are safe during pregnancy, but “there have been reports of some household chemicals causing wheezing in early childhood.” Play it safe and switch to natural products. Better yet, most things can be cleaned using vinegar: from the kettle to shower mould, CHOICE has outlined how to clean with vinegar

3. Stock your fridge, freezer and cupboards 

Use this new-found energy for good and prepare some food for when you really need it. Once your baby arrives, it can be easy for things like eating a nutritious meal to go out of the window. Here’s a list of freezer-friendly meal ideas to get you started. 

4. Start with the biggest job

Get the big jobs out of the way while you have the energy, saving the smaller tasks for when your motivation begins to wane, or you’re feeling uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to lose interest in the middle of something important – once you’re halfway through reorganising the linen cupboard and have everything all over the floor, for example.

5. Look after yourself

While you’re on a mission to have everything prepared for your baby, make sure you’re looking after yourself. That includes taking breaks, eating snacks and drinking lots of water. It’s also a good idea to focus on one task at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and whatever you do – don’t lift anything too heavy. 

Importantly, savour this time because you’re about to be a parent – and it might be a while before you get this kind of time to yourself again!

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