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These rare 1920s names are set to make a comeback

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A vintage yearbook collector has gone above and beyond to come up with a list of baby names she thinks we’ll be seeing more of in the years to come. 

Sharing her predictions on TikTok, Morgan Timm says the first name on her list is Dorothea, which was ranked 207 in 1922.

“This falls under the umbrella of the ‘Taylor Swift effect’,” says Morgan. Taylor Swift sings about Dorothea on her album, evermore

“Theo is so popular now [as a boy’s name] that people will like Dorothea for the nickname Thea,” she continues.

Additionally, Morgan also believes Theo is going to make a comeback as a girl’s name. 

Another name set to make a comeback is Wilda which ranked 307 in 1922. “It will piggyback off the success of the name Willa, which has jumped 600 spots in the last decade,” she says.


Reply to @oldloserinbrooklyn My favorites are Althea and Birdie, what about you? #namenerd #vintagenamesforgirls #babynameideas

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Cool girl vibe names

Morgan also likes a bunch of names that she says have a “cool girl vibe”.

“We’re seeing a lot of names with that cool girl vibe making a comeback. Names like SloanBlairMaude, and Maeve,” says Morgan.

Lou is also one of those names that haven’t made a comeback yet, but should.” The name ranked at number 349 100 years ago but hasn’t ranked again since 1971.

Nature names

Birdie ranked 407 100 years ago and it hasn’t ranked since 1948. 

“I think it will make a comeback,” says Morgan. “It hits the cutesiness and people are loving nature names. And it’s another one of those names that a lot of influencers share on their list of names they love but aren’t using.  

“It’s a name people romanticise but don’t commit to. And it just takes enough people talking about it for somebody to finally commit to it. And then a little domino effect happens.”

Her final name prediction is Lovie, which ranked 703 100 years ago and hasn’t ranked since 1945. The show You made people kind of like the name Love. “But Lovie is that cutsier version that sounds more like a name than just Love.”

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