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The baby names that are falling in popularity

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It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for – trend-watchers McCrindle have released their annual report detailing baby name patterns in Australia. 

They’ve revealed the official top 100 names of 2019, as well as some trends that have developed in the past year or so.

As McCrindle writes in their report: “A name today is more than what teachers will call you at school. It is your digital real estate in an increasingly technological world.” 

Oh, the pressure!

30,000 babies given names in the top 10

In 2018, just over 300,000 babies were born in Australia. And many parents weren’t massively creative – around one in 10 babies were given a name that features in the top 10 name lists.

Of course, the names featured at the top of the charts are popular for a reason – they are great names.

But if you’re looking for a cute name that isn’t as common, this report has some interesting findings – including names that have dropped out of the top 100. These are names that people have heard of and know how to spell, but you’re guaranteed there won’t be a classroom full of kids with that name either.

Boys’ names that exited the top 100

  • Aaron – previously ranked 98
  • Dominic – previously ranked 96
  • Fletcher – previously ranked 91
  • Harley – previously ranked 99
  • Nathan – previously ranked 90
  • Nathaniel – previously ranked 95

Girls’ names that exited the top 100 

  • Holly – previously ranked 78
  • Isabel – previously ranked 93
  • Jessica – previously ranked 99
  • Lilly – previously ranked 73
  • Madeline – previously ranked 97
  • Peyton – previously ranked 95

Baby names that had biggest fall in 2017-2018

The report also identified baby names that still appear in the top 100 but people aren’t using as much anymore.

  • Addison – down 28 spots
  • Annabelle – down 23 spots
  • Caleb – down 16 spots
  • Harvey – down 13 spots
  • Jake – down 12 spots
  • Mackenzie – down 12
  • Maddison – down 21 spots
  • Mathew – down 12 spots
  • Piper – down 15 spots
  • Zachary – down 19 spots

And because we aren’t monsters, here is the full top 100 baby names for boys and girls in Australia in 2019.


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