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A guide to making healthy toddler smoothies

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If you’re looking for ways for your toddler to enjoy more fruits and veggies, we have you covered!

We’re bringing you a guide to making toddler smoothies they’ll love.

We’re also going to help you put together yummy and healthy toddler smoothie recipes. They can be packed with the nutrition that growing toddlers need, as well as delicious and tempting flavours that will have them shouting “MORE!”.

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Juices and smoothies in mini milk bottles

How to make toddler smoothies

First up, you’ll need to be armed with the key tools to make and store these healthy smoothies for toddlers at home. And, of course, the ingredients your toddler will love.

A simple blender or food processor will do the job of whizzing together the ingredients in each recipe.

When it comes to consuming the smoothies, your toddler can choose from a cup or even a bowl. Breakfast smoothies (how fancy!) can be enjoyed in a bowl and your toddler will love being able to feed themselves their favourite new recipes.

If you’re concerned about any potential mess, Munchkin has the answer. The Munchkin Miracle® 360° Cup is perfect for even the messiest of toddlers.

Two little girls, each holding a Munchkin Miracle® 360° Cup

Invented with parents and kids in mind, it’s the first sippy cup that eliminates messes and makes it a great choice for a toddler smoothie cup. Kids can drink easily from anywhere around the rim and try as they might, nothing will spill!

For kids that need extra help holding a cup, the Trainer Cup features easy-to-hold handles.

Toddler sitting on a highchair, holding an orange Munchkin Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup

A TMB community dad said this: “We bought one of these Munchkin Miracle 360° cups after our son had mastered the Munchkin Miracle Trainer Cup. It has been easy to use and clean and is very similar to drinking from a ‘grown up’ cup.”

3 easy smoothie recipes for toddlers

Here are some combinations for smoothies to get you started. We’ve included a variety of fruits, veggies and more but feel free to swap out these suggestions to your toddler’s favourites or the smoothie ingredients you already have in the fridge or pantry.

If you’re keen to ease your child into trying new foods and flavours, starting them off with a tasty smoothie is worth a go. If they’re not-so-keen on veggies, smoothies are an easy way to sneak them in. Shh, we won’t tell!

For a creamy, smooth taste that’s packed with nutrition, you can choose to make the smoothies with breastmilk or toddler milk.

Munchkin’s toddler milk drink is made with 100% grass fed milk and packed with Vitamins A, E, CLA and beta carotene and has an ideal balance of fatty acids.

Here are three super-simple and easy to make toddler smoothies:

1. Banana breakfast smoothie

Breakfast smoothies for kids are not only quick to make but can also be healthy options for when you’re on-the-go or short of time in the morning.

Blend together a banana, a couple of tablespoons of rolled oats and a cup of milk.

2. Berry yummy smoothie

For a fruity and sweet treat, blend one cup of mixed strawberries and blueberries with one cup of milk.

This purple delight will entice your toddler to try it out!

3. Green gobble smoothie

Blend together green fruits and veggies such as apples, pears, kiwis and spinach with one banana and one cup of apple juice. Continue to add more juice until the consistency is perfect for them.

If your child likes a sweeter taste, add a little honey, cinnamon or cacao powder.

To add different flavours and further nutrition to your smoothies and smoothie bowls, you can add rolled oats, quinoa nuts or seeds. Ensure that all ingredients are blended until completely smooth.

For a smoothie bowl with less mess, check out the Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowl.

Toddler sitting on a highchair with two Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowls on highchair tray

It sticks to the table or highchair with tall, curved sides to make self-feeding easy and fuss-free.

A TMB mum says: “Great little bowl for little ones who are still learning to feed themselves. Love that it stays put so minimises mess on the floor. Good sturdy and easy to clean.”

When you’re starting out with making smoothies for toddlers, keep it simple.

Fewer ingredients means less mess and fuss for you and also won’t overwhelm their developing tastebuds.

Try our smoothies in cups and bowls and so they can experiment with feeding themselves at home and on-the-go.

Why not whizz up some smoothies for your toddler this week! We hope our tips will help you get started.

Find out more about the Munchkin range and read reviews from other Aussie parents here.

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