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6 baby products that will reduce stress, according to parents

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Any product that reduces stress is a winner in our books – parents have enough to worry about it, so products that can ease your worries are always welcome.

We’ve searched reviews by Tell Me Baby community members to find 6 highly recommended products that parents say genuinely helped reduce stress. 

1. Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer

rite aid baby nail trimmer

Eliminate the possibility of cutting your baby’s actual finger when trying to trim their nails thanks to the Rite Aid Baby Nail Trimmer. Its rotary filing function is completely safe for a baby’s sensitive skin and nails.

Parent review: “We bought this after really struggling with a nail clipper and a wiggly baby! It takes longer to do than using a clipper but so much less stressful! Takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but it works great and is easy to cut babies nails. It’s also great that it has the difference nail files for different ages too.”

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2. Britax Back Seat Mirror

The Britax Back Seat Mirror provides a view of your rear-facing baby at any angle. Best of all, it’s shatter-proof!

Parent review: “Great mirror. Easy to install and does what it is meant to do. It made driving with a newborn easier by being able to see the baby’s reflection in the mirror while driving. Definitely took the stress while driving away. Only useful while baby is in the rearview position (approx 9 months) – money well spent.”

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3. Kiddylicious Melty Buttons

Kiddylicious Melty Buttons are a yummy snack that will melt in your baby’s mouth while helping them learn how to eat solid food.

Parent review: “My daughter absolutely loved them. Gobbled them up so quickly! I like that they start to dissolve a bit in your mouth so I don’t get as stressed about her choking. I thought the flavour was great too. We got the pumpkin and banana ones.”

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4. Beaba Milkeo Automatic Bottle Maker

With the push of a button, the Milkeo makes a bottle of formula to the perfect temperature and consistency.

Parent review: “A lifesaver for the middle of the night feeds. This is a great formula preparation machine that is easy to use and clean. The temperature and volumes are fairly accurate as long as keep calibrated. Would highly recommend for busy parents and multiple mums. Takes the stress out of measuring formula and checking the temperatures of bottles. Expensive but really worth it!

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5. Gro Company Gro Egg 2

The Gro Company Gro Egg 2 takes the guesswork out of knowing the temperature of your little one’s room. The Gro Egg 2 includes 4 adjustable brightness levels so you can use it as a nightlight too.

Parent review: “The Gro Egg has really helped to reduce the stress of dressing my daughter for bed. I always know the temperature in her room and can dress her appropriately. I also love that it can double as a nightlight and with several brightness settings it is so convenient. You can easily and quickly see the colour of the egg or the exact temperature and have peace of mind. Great for a first-time parent.”

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6. Houdini Stop Baby Car Seat Harness Safety Strap

The Houdini Stop Chest Strap is a device that prevents your child from taking their arms out of their car seat straps. As well as being a stress saver, parents have also called this nifty device “a miracle”

Parent review: “These straps are great at making the car super safe for the kids. My twins used to pull their arms out regularly making every drive stressful. Now with the Houdini straps, I don’t have to be worried anymore. The kids are unable to get their arms out and I can concentrate on driving instead of having to constantly check their arms are in.”

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